Who needs PAM?

PAM is crucial for organizations that want to protect their critical assets, sensitive data, and intellectual property from unauthorized use of privileged accounts. The most common areas of activity of organizations in which we have implemented PAM are:

  • finances
  • healthcare
  • public sector
  • technological organizations

Privileged accounts are created for different groups, including administrators, developers, and vendors, and each should have its own, clearly defined area of ​​access. If you have such accounts, be sure that PAM can mitigate the risk of security incidents, insider threats or cyber-attacks.

Additionally, various regulations or industry standards have controls, whose requirements can be met by implementing a PAM system.

What is PAM?
Who needs PAM?
How will PAM improve the work and security of your company or organization?
Does PAM have an alternative and why it doesn’t?
Three interesting facts about PAM
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