What is PAM?

PAM stands for Privileged Access Management – a solution for managing privileged accounts. As its name suggests, at the heart of this system are privileges – a word that we often use in a negative context, but here they save you from the problems brought by the lack of pre-planned access control. With PAM, only authorized users can access sensitive data or critical systems, and their activities are monitored and audited for compliance and security purposes.

Privileged accounts are created within the system and assigned only to specific users, while credentials and access data remain hidden and protected. PAM solutions typically include a combination of access control, identity management, authentication and monitoring capabilities. Through their deployment modern, hybrid enterprises secure critical data, devices, code and infrastructure in the cloud to reduce risk, ensure compliance and simplify security.

What is PAM?
Who needs PAM?
How will PAM improve the work and security of your company or organization?
Does PAM have an alternative and why it doesn’t?
Three interesting facts about PAM
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