What is XDR?

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is a tool for proactive detection of potential advanced threats and reaction to them. Using advanced algorithms and machine learning models, XDR provides greater visibility into data, including:

  • network information
  • e-mail data
  • cloud data
  • endpoint data

The flexibility of the XDR solution enables integration with other security tools and the automation of the process of resolving security incidents.


Who needs XDR?

One of the features of the XDR solution is its universal applicability, which is not directly determined by the size of the system in which it is implemented, but by the very fact that there is a threat of security incidents in an organization.

XDR is therefore needed by all types of organizations:

  • Smaller organizations that lack quality security experts
  • Large organizations that have their own SOC team, for the purpose of faster and easier resolution of potential incidents
  • Organizations with large amounts of data from various sources, who lack security analysts


How will XDR improve the work and security of your company or organization?

By using the XDR solution, organizations will get a higher level of protection and a timely response to threats. Threats can be existing, already known, or newly created, still unknown.

XDR reacts to both types of threats:

  • by advanced algorithms
  • by machine learning
  • by AI technology

Additionally, by daily updating of security signatures from analytical sources, the organization will be protected from new malware using the XDR solution.


Does XDR have an alternative and why it doesn’t?

XDR, NDR and SIEM technologies form the security pillar of any organization. The implementation of the mentioned solutions is the first step towards quality system security protection. XDR is much more than a classic antivirus and currently there is no alternative on the market that would successfully replace XDR technology.

The integration of the three solutions mentioned above is a key step in the security development of a company or organization, and it is a significant advantage if it is well executed, that is, if their interoperability has been verified. In this sense, it is important to note that all three are part of our portfolio, our security experts work on them every day and thus provide a high level of protection to many organizations.


A brief description of a typical incident detected by XDR

This is a real example, which shows how the XDR solution works and why it is superior to classic antiviruses.

One of our XDR solutions detected the individual activities of several legitimate applications. At first glance, nothing was suspicious. However, the analysis of the records determined that the set of these individual activities together constitutes a bundled action, and from it was concluded that it was a malicious attempt to compromise a workstation and a server of critical infrastructure. One of the detected activities was connecting to a website that was not on the suspicious list, and downloading malicious content, which was executed on the workstation and server, for the purpose of obtaining administrative powers.

An ordinary, traditional antivirus program would not be able to connect several seemingly legitimate activities and conclude that, although each of them is separately confirmed as safe, together they constitute a sophisticated security threat.


XDR solutions we are using

At Avola, we use the following XDR solutions in our daily business:

  • TrendMicro Vision One
  • Symantec Endpoint Security
  • Fortinet FortiEDR

These are three top products, and each of them will protect your organization with quality. Therefore, in the selection that we will propose to an individual user, we primarily look at the best possible integration with already existing solutions in his security system.


Some useful links related to XDR

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Of course, you can also contact us for additional questions, at Avola we have top specialists for XDR, who will be happy to share their knowledge.