Threat protection

Due to rapid development of new and advanced threats, traditional approach becomes insufficient, thus we offer a combined solution with innovative data insight and modern threat intelligence, rapidly responding to new security challenges. Every day provides new security challenges, and we need constantly updated and reinvented security solutions that will provide detection, visibility, control and remediation over suspicious and malicious activities. Fortunately, some of the leading security software providers addressed this issue and keep on developing up to date products like ones we have in our portfolio, most important of them being tools for endpoint and server protection, sandboxing, isolation, analytics, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and others.

Solutions we can offer within threat protection are:

  • Web security
  • Mail security
  • Endpoint security
  • XDR platform
  • Sandbox solutions
  • Mobile Device Management
Threat protection

Our solutions:

Very high level of security, monitoring, and control of web traffic, as a crucial part of day-to-day business, and it is achieved using advanced on-premise and cloud technology, enabling smooth operation with optimal performance.

We are living online these days, web became the focal point of the way how we work, live and play. With it, it also became the central point for the cybercrime. Companies and organizations are targeted more than ever, with ever-broadening types of threats. Thus, web security is the area we are really interested in and capable of providing a full range of well-thought and useful solutions.

Solutions we are offering are:
  • Secure Web Gateway: Secure web gateway inspects all parts of HTTP(S) communication to identify malicious payloads and then filter, strip, block or replace web content to mitigate risks and prevent data loss. The proxy architecture offers the high performance needed for complete inspection and malware scanning of all web traffic. SSL decryption enables proxy to see threats and data leakage – it is possible even within encrypted traffic. This solution also offers URL filtering and web reputation, as well as access control and detailed reporting.
  • Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW): Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) detects and controls application usage, SSL decryption, IPS, web filtering authentication and granular policy management. It offers VPN access for remote workers. This is an integrated, broad and automated protection with local and global threat intelligence sharing. Sandbox integration on-premise or in cloud is also a part of NGFW.
  • DDoS Protection: DDoS Protection is deployed in front of firewalls to protect them and the services behind them from all types of DDoS attacks. It includes stateless packet processing. Cloud signaling can automatically route DDoS attack to a cloud global scrubbing center. Threat Intelligence feed helps protect perimeter by enabling to block inbound DDoS attacks and outbound IOCs from compromised internal devices.
  • Secure Internet Gateway (cloud): Secure Internet gateway in the cloud, based on DNS, is nowadays first line of defence against threats on the Internet, like malware, phishing, command & control callbacks.

E-mail is and will remain one of the major communication channels and thus constantly hit by hackers, who attack users through various malicious codes and spam - it requires a multi-layer approach to fight these ever-present attacks.

By controlling incoming and outgoing e-mail messages, inspecting their content and using advanced detection technology we prevent unwanted consequences of end-user exploitation. We can offer a range of mail security products, email messaging gateway being the showcase item in this field.

Security of the workstations is a demanding task, considering that the modern era brings more and more forms of threats to be discovered and prevented before they can do the harm.

Solutions related to endpoints protection, secures workstations on or off the corporate network, from malware, trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and adapts to protect against new unknown versions as they arise.

Advanced malware analysis and protection solutions in our portfolio are providing visibility, context, control and remediation. They enable continuous work in a secure environment and bring advanced protection to physical and virtual servers. Usually, single agent covers various antimalware techniques including but not limited to antivirus engine, machine learning, behavioral monitoring, memory exploit mitigation, IPS and firewall.

One of options is cloud based next-generation antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that replaces and extends traditional antivirus solutions. Managed from the cloud console, it protects against full spectrum of modern cyber-attacks, including the ability to detect and prevent both known and unknown attacks. EDR functionality provides complete visibility into blocked attacks and other suspicious activities.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution is collection of data from different sources (endpoint, server, mail, web, cloud) into single security platform for automatic correlation, threat detection and incident response. XDR provides increased visibility and simplification of security detection and response activities reduces invested time.

Detection of advanced threats must be accompanied with advance detection technologies. Sandbox analysis, whether is implemented with use of predefined or custom images, uses zero-day exploit and script emulation detection, pattern and reputation-based detection, URL analysis and C&C identification. Execution of malware in a safe and isolated environment greatly helps to understand malicious activities and tailor your security defense.

Mobile device management is a solution that helps organizations handle their mobile devices at all stages of their lifecycle, from initial deployment to final decommissioning. This helps to reduce security risks and support costs, without impacting the customer experience.

Mobile devices are an indispensable part of our lives, bringing many benefits. However, they also introduce new threats and are a common target of malicious attacks. Our enterprise mobility solution provides value to both IT departments and end users by preserving a simple and easy user experience while lowering support costs and ensuring that mobile devices integrate seamlessly and securely into the existing IT environment.