Information Security

The protection of confidential data, conditioned either by the GDPR decree or individual needs, is a prerequisite for business sustainability, integrity and the development of companies and organizations.


Various repositories, databases or workstations contain confidential documents and information that, without adequate protection, are easily accessible and subject to unwanted distribution and application.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the solution for large, medium and small businesses and organizations, ensuring the protection of all forms of confidential data, whether structured or unstructured data.

It is controlled by various communication channels such as Web and E-mail Traffic, IM Communications, Cloud services or workstations.

Information Security Solutions:

  • DLP - Data Loss Prevention
  • CCS - Compliance Control Suite
  • ICS - Information Centric Security
    • Information Centric Encryption
    • Information Centric Tagging
    • CloudSOC
    • Information Centric Analytics
    • Validation and ID Protection Service - 2FA


Information Security