Cloud security

Tasks today have elevated to new level, and to be secured whether we are located inside our company or somewhere around the world, whether we use VPN or not, we need security solution that has no boundaries.


Cisco Umbrella is cloud security platform providing security at the foundation of internet which is called Domain Name System (DNS). Umbrella prevents malicious DNS request and IP responses over any port or protocol and provides protection before attacks are even launched. Provides visibility and protection across all devices on network, all offices and roaming users by blocking threats before they reach network or endpoints.

Umbrella is first line of defence against threats on the Internet such as malware, phishing, command & control callbacks and others. Uses threat intelligence (Cisco Talos) to determine if the request is safe, malicious or risky. If it's risky domain, files are routed through proxy for deeper inspection using AV engines and Cisco Advanced Malware Protection.

Cloud security