Three tracks of DEEP: a broad overview of main themes and subjects to be discussed at our new event this November

DEEP, our exciting new event, an information security conference (Falkensteiner Punta Skala, hotel Iadera, Petrčane, Croatia, 3. - 4.11.2020. - will contain three tracks, and we’d like to share main details with you in order to give you a clear picture of what you could expect:

DEEP lead

It’s all about management in here; governance, risk, compliance and business in general. Most of the people in here will try to get everyone on the same high-level page. It’s about understanding each other and dealing with future ideas and collaboration between business areas.

DEEP ops

A combination of technical and management stuff is in the focus here. How to orchestrate people, technology and processes to achieve maximum protection efficiency? Topics such as infrastructure protection, damage control, threat intelligence and incident response. Case studies can be found in this track.

DEEP tech

Technical and low-level stuff is in the focus here. It might be a game for some, but various real-world attack simulations can be expected in here, as well as hacking, exploits and malware dissecting. New ideas on how to identify and exploit vulnerabilities are more than welcome.

Should you find any, or all, of these topics interesting and potentially valuable for your company/organization, you are one of our target audience for DEEP. Please check our other communication channels for more information.