Presentation from Elvis Čaušević from STORM Computers: Protecting business information systems from modern cyber threats using multi-level authentication

STORM Computers added a presentation to our already content-rich agenda at DEEP – please find the full agenda at our website for details and times.

User data, which most often contains a username and password, as well as the use of passwords with a small number of characters that are easy to guess through various tools, are today the most common target of cyberattacks. Such attacks jeopardize access to and theft of both private and business data. The consequences of data loss are large and expensive, and as an additional problem, there is the impact of a bad reputation that the market is beginning to monitor companies affected by security breaches. Measures for adequate protection have become one of not only IT but also business priorities. Although employee education can help reduce the number of such cases, greater success can be achieved by using an additional authentication mechanism.

Elvis has been part of the STORM team since 2016 where he works on numerous projects of designing and implementing network solutions with an emphasis on security. In 2018, in addition to other Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet, CompTIA certifications, he added CCIE # 58498 Enterprise Infrastructure certification in his resume. Before STORM Computers, he worked at Span, participating in numerous domestic and foreign projects to design and implement security solutions. CLI junkie since 2007. When Elvis’s not dealing with network security, he’s dedicated to family. He likes to spend his free time in nature, cycling, or hiking.