Presentation by Ivan Krajnović confirmed for DEEP: IEC 62443-2-4 product certification and ICS security

In recent years the industrial control system standard landscape in Europe has focused on two key standards - IEC 62443 and IEC 62351.The IEC 62443 standard defines procedures, roles, responsibilities and high-level technical requirements for operators, integrators, developers, etc... The IEC 62351 standard defines the technical details - security architecture, end-to-end encrypted versions of various telecontrol protocols, syslog and snmp security logging reporting, RBAC, key management etc... The presentation talks about Končar-KET experiences obtaining IEC 62443-2-4 certification for two of their SCADA products, reviews other similar standards and reflects on the general practices and state of security in ICS systems.


Ivan is a principal software architect at Končar-KET, specializing in industrial automation and control, mathematical process modelling, distributed systems and IT/OT convergence. His code runs the key control components of some 300+ electrical transformer stations, power plants, control centres and other industrial sites with years of continued uptime. As a key cyber security expert and developer, he is a member of IEC TC57 WG15 group, dealing with data and communication security and IEC 62351 standard, and WG13/14 groups dealing with electrical grid information modelling and exchange (CIM). Ivan Krajnović received his master’s degree in computer science from the University of Zagreb.