DEEP conference announces the change of dates: it will be held on 14th - 15th April, 2021.

Unfortunately, unpredictable situation with pandemic and constant changing regulations about travelling and gatherings influenced DEEP conference, like many other events. Thus, we had to postpone the inaugural DEEP conference, so it will happen ­­­on 14th- 15th April, 2021. in Petrčane, Croatia. Same venue, same presentations, workshops and everything else, but at different date. Pricing remains the same as well, with all paid tickets and hotel reservations valid for the new dates. We are truly sorry not to be able to meet you at the initially planned time but we also plan to add a lot more details and content to the conference within these extra months of preparation, so that your experience will be even better. We will publish all the information, updates and details at, as well as on the Facebook and Linkedin conference pages.