Avola Solutions - new brand for new challenges

Rebranding is always a huge challenge and any company has to provide really good reasons for taking such a step.

We at Avola Solutions decided to make it for really good reason. New company integrates business operations from two previous companies, Vox Mundi and Orbis Telekom.

Both names were based on voice part of our business. Nowadays, we are offering much more and thus we decided to use a fresh name.

Why Avola?

Most companies will come up with a good name and then produce some explanations and add some meanings. Not us. New name is chosen because it has no meanings related to our business but is nice-sounding, short and simple.

We feel it might enable us to achieve more in different fields of our business than we’d ever manage to achieve with two old brand names.

Please take a short tour through our website for more details or contact us for further information.