A new presentation by Ivan Poljak about implementation of PAM solution in Fina is confirmed for DEEP

An analysis of how the PAM solution was implemented in Fina system, presented by one of the key people who were involved in that process. Case study of PAM implementation in an extremely complex environment with huge number of systems and different access levels. This presentation is a part of our blue .ops track.


Ivan Poljak is one of the leading Fina engineers for cyber and IT security. He was involved in setting up of different security solutions (SIEM, DAM, APT, DLP, PAM) and actively contributes to ongoing development of different services within Fina, due to his vast experience. He graduated at FER and works at Fina since 2008., as system architect, security administrator, security analyst and security team leader at diverse Fina projects. He is actively involved in CERT’s work on recognition and blocking of security threats within FINA.


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